Midnight Cartel was founded as a Casual Raiding Guild, comprised of family members, and friends from all over the world. Founded on the ideals of Respect and Fair Play, Midnight Cartel is a friendly guild that welcomes all individuals of all playstyles and backgrounds. While Raiding is important, as a casual guild, it is not the be-all end-all, as we have an amazing crafting programme, guild banking programming, and top-notch tools to help you achieve you goals in the World. We know there is a lot of information on this page, but it all relates to who we are as a guild, and how we expect our guild members to act.

Guild History
The Midnight Cartel was founded by a group of friends and family that have played together since they began playing WoW. Originally as part of a much smaller guild, which then partially merged into one of the largest "casual" guilds on Elune, the founders learned many things about organizing guilds. Shaade was an officer through each of these guilds, and for the most part, the group was happy as part of the larger guild, until that the guild started to move in the direction that many guilds do -- towards elitism. Though a tough choice, the founders decided that they must go their own way to play the game that they wanted to play.

Vowing never to exclude people just because they can't make every raid time, or because they choose to play their character in an "alternative way", or because they want to play with friends outside their guild, the founders left the drama which was unfolding in that "uuber guild", and formed the Midnight Cartel. The founders vowed further to always seek out the opinions of the membership, to embrace openness over secrecy, inclusion over exclusion, and fun over drama. One example of these principals in action was the first major decision of the guild: Tabard design! All members were invited to participate and vote on this process, and the result of this early democratic approach is tabard enjoyed by many.

Founded in October of 2005, on the principles still enjoyed by the guild today, the Cartel quickly grew. People seemed to embrace the greater goals of MC, to simply work together and have fun in a drama-free environment. Several guilds merged into MC, as players found they could easily fit in to such a diverse and casual group. Within two weeks the membership was at 100, within three - 120, and within 2 months the guild was at over 200 accounts - the target size for a casual raiding guild. With the inclusion of a dedicated bunch from KAOS, the guild began moving towards "end game" raiding. The founders of the Cartel worked hard to create a web space with the technology and organization to help nourish a new thriving community outside the game.

While continuing the guild building process, the Midnight Cartel formed a multi-guild alliance began by Stan. The Alliance was hosted on the Cartel's forums, and with lots of energy and enthusiasm, the Alliance quickly achieved great success in Molten Core, with all bosses but Major Domo being taken down within 8 total nights (4 weekends). Yes, indeed a PUG can succeed in the Core! Over time a few of the member guilds decided to make their own way. The Cartel continues to enjoy great friendships on the server with such groups as the Art of War, and the Inquisition of Heresy.

This Alliance continued on until two guilds were left: The Midnight Cartel, and the Crimson Blades. Seeing it's membership swell, Shaade proposed that before MC hit their target membership numbers, that the two guilds which had achieved so much in Alliance, join together as a very natural fit. Waco and Balhala proceeded to make this happen, and the Midnight Cartel merged their last guild to become the single largest guild on Elune by January, 2006 — just 3 short months after their Charter was signed.

The Cartel is now composed of members from KAOS, Lethal Assassins, Sons of Warcraft, Shining Daggers, and Crimson Blades, as well as a few other lost souls who have found in the Midnight Cartel a home of acceptance. With "end game" and beyond in their sights, the Midnight Cartel has become one of the Elite powerhouse guilds, without being "elitist". It is a home for normal folk to log on and play in an exceptional manner. Indeed a "casual - friendly" guild truly can experience all that the World of Warcraft has to offer.

Rules & Policy Summary
This is the summary of Midnight Cartel Guild Policy. You are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to read our main Guild Rules page in the Policy Section for the complete text and examples of these rules.

This is the most important of the guild rules. Anything you may do to diminish the game play of other members is forbidden. You must respect other people's time, and chat. You DO NOT have unlimited free speech here, and you should read over the details on the rules page for more information.

Adventuring Conduct

When forming raids and parties the leader of the group should be chosen and all the rules for the run should be clearly stated. There is also no Ninja Looting. Please see more information on our Raid Policy page.

Helping Others
As a member of the Midnight Cartel, you are expected to help one fellow guild member once per week.

Inclusion & Recruitment
As a casual guild, we practice inclusion and friendliness not only within the guild, but also with others on the server. Regardless of Recruitment Status, family members or personal friends of any member will be granted automatic membership after an application has been filled out. Please see our applications section of the forums to see what our recruitment status is.

Officers & Discipline
All Guardians and Heroes are expected to display good manners and to respect the guild members when disciplining them.

Officers will never tell you how to "spec" your toon, or how to play it. You will be asked to fill a certain roll as a party member, however. Officers are also required to defend the members of Midnight Cartel from harassment both from outside the guild, and from within. Officers will also be assigned certain duties by the GM and members should respect the various areas of focus each officer oversees. Per this, no guild member may have any of the Officer Ranks (Guardians/Banker) on Ignore in the game as Officers need to be able to relate information to all members.

Democracy cannot work without participation. As a member of Midnight Cartel you are expected to sign up for the forums, and to participate in important elections and polls. Believe me.. this is a rare opportunity in WoW for you to shape YOUR GUILD.

→ 1. The GM will be, a tie-breaker on all Officer decisions.
→ 2. If the Officers determine that another officer is needed, the GM will open an election thread on the Forum, and elections will commence.
→ 3. At any time, a guild member may begin the process for Recalling an Officer. The member calling for the recall will be able to confidentially request that the GM open a thread with a poll to recall the Officer.

Blizzard Rules
We are bound by the user licenses, agreements and codes of conduct of Blizzard Entertainment. You can find more information by following these links:
In game policies: http://www.blizzard.com/support/wowgm/?id=agm01712p
Conduct: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/policy/forum-coc.html

Midnight Cartel will uphold Blizzard's policies, and would like to point out the following important ideals:
♦ No buying of gold from ebay or any similar site will be tolerated.
♦ There will be no ‘hacking’ of the game software, or cheating.

If caught buying gold, hacking or cheating You will be immediately removed from guild without exception.
See rule #1 about respect. Remember that this extends to the Blizzard forums, and to other players and guilds in the game.

Future Policy
From time to time the officers will create rules and policies to further enhance the effectiveness and fun of the guild. These changes will usualy be posted in the administrative section of the forums for either discussion or a general vote if needed. New Policy will eventually be posted here.