Want to Join Us?

Want to Join Us?

Welcome! Before going any further, please take a second to read out guild rules and policies, which can be found here --> [LINK TO GUILD RULES]

While we would like to accept all applications, it is simply not possible. If you are not admitted immediately, please be patient, we do open recruitment from time to time. Applicants are chosen based on how well they will fit our needs, how well we think they will fit in with our Guild, and most importantly by the attitude they display.

All Applicants:
Please take some time to look over our website, especially the rules and regulations, which can be found on the welcome page. Accepting Membership into the guild means that you agree to follow our rules and abide by the decisions of the Guardians (Officers). Please begin by registering on our website which you can do by clicking on the Register button below.

Notice:To register, you will need to answer our anti-spam box question:
The Registration Password is "dragonspawn".
Important:When registering on our website, please use your Main Character's Name as your User Name. Failure to do so will result in a summary rejection and deletion of the app (ability to follow simple instructions are a prerequisite).
Once you have registered, please select Step 2 in the Application Forum to get the application template.